Launch of SGSS100

The launch of SGSS100 was held on 25 June 2017, after the weekly Sunday programme. The Sanggat turned out in force to celebrate the occassion. Drinks and specially-prepared snacks were handed out to all who attended.

2017-SGSS100-Launch-1.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-10.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-11.jpg

2017-SGSS100-Launch-2.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-3.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-4.jpg

2017-SGSS100-Launch-5.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-6.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-7.jpg

2017-SGSS100-Launch-7b.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-8.jpg 2017-SGSS100-Launch-9.jpg

Historical Photos

The following historical photos have been contributed by the Sanggat. If you have any to share, please scan a copy in high-resolution and send to us at Thank you!

SGSS-old-photos-1.jpg SGSS-old-photos-10.jpg SGSS-old-photos-11.jpg

SGSS-old-photos-12.jpg SGSS-old-photos-13.jpg SGSS-old-photos-14.jpg

SGSS-old-photos-15.jpg SGSS-old-photos-2.jpg SGSS-old-photos-3.jpg

SGSS-old-photos-4.jpg SGSS-old-photos-5.jpg SGSS-old-photos-6.jpg

SGSS-old-photos-7.jpg SGSS-old-photos-8.jpg SGSS-old-photos-9.jpg