The Sri Guru Singh Sabha Youth Wing was officially launched on 28 Sep 1996.

Launching of the Youth Wing on 28 Sep 1996

A lot of work was put in to make the launch a success. The hard work paid off as there was a large turnout from all sections of the Singapore Sikh Community at the launch of the Youth Wing at Gurdwara Sahib Sri Guru Singh Sabha at Wilkie Road.

It all started with the arrival of the students from the various Punjabi Language Centres. Buses were specially chartered to fetch the students from the various Punjabi Languages Centres.

The Youth Wing members were there ready to receive them and invite them to sign up as a Youth Wing member. The children and teens alike readily signed up for membership. The membership drive was a great success with over 700 members siging up including, adults! Just as Jaswinder Singh, 15, frantically asked "Where are the extra membership forms?" The youth were then ushered to the langgar hall for 'cha' and 'pakoras' while the rest of the Youth Wing members were welcoming the patrons and other invited guests.

By now a huge crowd had already gathered at the Darbar Sahib waiting for the arrival of the Guest of Honour. While awaiting for the Guest of Honour arrival, the guests and children sat down and listened to the holy gurbani kirtan that was performed by the Religious Activities Group of the Youth Wing, kirtan was done to ask Guruji for his blessing to launch the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Youth Wing.

At 7.50 pm the Guest of Honour Sardar Davinder Singh Ji arrived at Sri Guru Singh Sabha. He was greeted by S. Jarnal Singh Jamarai, President Sri Guru Singh Sabha along with S. Mah Singh, the Chairman of the Youth Wing.

The Guest of Honour was then introduced to the Community Leaders. Patrons and members of the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Youth Wing by the Youth Wing Chairman and Mr Bhajan Singh Ji, Consultant of the Youth Wing.

Sardar Davindar Singh Ji was then escorted up to the Darbar Sahib, Sardar Davindar Singh Ji and President of Sri Guru Singh Sabha were invited to address the sangat present.

Mr Jarnal Singh Ji commended the Sikh Youth of Sri Guru Singh Sabha for the initiative they had shown in doing the groundwork for the setting up of the Youth Wing. He also thanked the various Sikh institutions for their support and attendance.

The Guest of Honour encouraged the youth to organise youth catered and varied programmes to draw the youth to the Gurdwara. He also reminded the youth that they should never forget that the secret of the success in the Sikh Community was the teaching of their faith - Sikhism.

Mr Davindar Singh Ji then officially presented the plaque symbolising the launching of the Youth Wing to Sardar Mah Singh. After this certificates of appointment were presented to the respective chairperson of the various sub-committees in the Youth Wing.

Mr Davindar Singh Ji was then invited to give out prizes to the Punjabi Language Centres students who had won in the Essay and Colouring Contest held sometime earlier. These prize winning essays and pictures were also displayed at the launch on the first floor of the temple. In addition to that, some students were selected to read their essays to the sangat at the Youth Wing launch.

With all the students already receiving their prizes, it was time to wrap up the programme and have Guru Ka Langgar. Ardas was done and prasad distributed to the sangat. The sangat, including the students from the various Punjabi Language Centres were then ushered to the Langgar Hall for dinner. Sardar Davinder also partook in the langgar along with Sardar Bhajan Singh Ji and Sardar Jarnal Singh Ji.

Before the Guest of Honour left, he was shown around the temple premises to view the displays that the Youth Wing members had put up.

All said and done, the Launching of the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Youth Wing came to an end. The organisers (Youth Wing Members) were happy that the Sikh community had turned up to show their support. Just as one of the guest put it, "If we all work together, then there is no Mission Impossible!!